Disneyland: The Magic of the Dole Whip Donut

There are some things in life that are worth standing in line for: cheap Hamilton tickets, the newest designer Target collaboration, and something delicious, fruity and sweet. Yes, something like a Disneyland Dole Whip Donut.

DIsneyland Donuts

The donut, at first bite, won’t seem that remarkable. The magic happens when you work your way to the middle. Under the towering pile of toasted whipped cream is a layer of pineapple jam. The combo of cream, donut, and tart pineapple makes for a perfect pairing.

This particular taste sensation at Disneyland was offered as one of those occasionally infuriating “limited time” only deals. WHY CAN’T THINGS LIKE THE DOLE WHIP DONUT LAST 4EVER?!?! And it was limited by more than calendar days; they were limited per day as well.

After waiting 22 minutes and 31 seconds (we timed it) to snag one of these puffy pieces of tropical heaven, we peppered the busy cart workers with really REALLY important questions. For example, for these limited time internet breaking kind of donuts, they offer them at set times. For the Dole Whip Donut, they had a delivery right when the park opens and one at 5 pm. Both of these times saw huge lines that went from the humble’s cart position by the Fantasy Faire reaching to the pathway to the castle’s entrance (with donut cravers mixing with castle photographers).

DOnut Delivery.jpg

For each delivery (coming from the kitchens of Jolly Holiday Bakery CafĂ©), the are about 125 donuts in total. For something that gets Instagrammed like crazy, it’s surprising to find out how rare they truly are. If you didn’t snap up the hot donut of the day, they have a couple of other options available for purchase.

As for new donut innovations, each Friday the creative geniuses of the donut team debut a new donut concoction like the Matterhorn Macaroon donut or the Chocolate Covered Potato Chip donut. If you’re really craving a Dole Whip Donut, word on the street is that they’ll be popping up in Walt Disney World in early May. And yes, is it worth the price of admission to grab one of these bad boys.




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