Evan Rachel Wood Does DISNEY CABARET

When Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood isn’t inflicting justice for her robot kin or giving her best fixed stare at the camera, she enjoys hitting the stage and singing her heart out.

Along with fronting the band Rebel and a Basketcase, Evan delivers a cabaret experience with Zane Carney under the apt name of Evan and Zane.  Zane leads his own rock band called Carney and has worked with the likes of John Mayer, Avril Lavigne, and on the musical Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. The duo will perform on April 23rd (for those keeping track – that’s the day after Westworld season 2 premiers) at The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. And get this, they will be doing their own renditions of DISNEY SONGS!

YES! They will be performing a DISNEY CABARET! If you’re itching to go, we have some bad news, the show has already sold out. But fingers crossed that someone will be video taping the fun so that we can all experience the magic. And now we have visions of Dolores singing “Zip-a-dee-do-dah”. Yeah, that happened.

For those who’d like to hear a bit of Rachel Evan Wood belting it out, here’s a clip of her doing a tribute to Bowie.

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