The Wonders of the Disney Cruise Line Shawarma Stand

No lie, I just made my husband leave the house, drive across town, wait in line for way longer than he had planned, ALL for me to get my shawarma on (literally – the thing was MESSY).

This craving was born from the daily shawarma habit that I adopted while on the Disney Magic during the EPIC Marvel Day at Sea cruising. I actually didn’t notice the humble buffet of Middle Eastern goodness on day one or two of the trip but on day three, four, and five, I had to have my fix.DisneyMagicFood

In my on-land life, a shawarma would have been more than enough for lunch, but something about the sea air and bountiful amounts of free food gets the old tummy rumbling. Right there, in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, my mid-afternoon shawarma snack-must was born. Options? They include marinated lamb/beef or chicken, hummus, pickled veggies, Tzatziki, garlic aioli, baba ganoush, a mint-cilantro sauce, and the delicious (yet spicy) sambal sauce (and MORE) all served on your choice of pita bread or a tortilla.

The shawarma quickly became my favorite meal on the Disney Magic. And that means something. All the rest of the food options — from the delicately prepared masterpieces like the  Osso Buco at Polo to the Flynn Ryder Platter at Rapunzel’s Royal Table and everything in between — are exceptional. But yet, the simple yet spicy shawarma had my heart.


That shawarma I made my husband go get? It paled in comparison. I don’t know if it was because it wasn’t being devoured seaside, or if it was because Mickey was nowhere in the vicinity, or that Disney’s secret sauce is really that magical. All I know is that right after wiping the remnants of overly spiced lamp from our local shawarma place off my shirt, I started goggling rates for the next outgoing cruise on the Disney Magic. A shawarma is a good enough excuse for a vacation, right?

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