Avengers: Infinity War Bling – Steal Infinity Stones Style IRL

That Thanos, he certainly has a thing for the bling. Since said bling has the power to deliver omnipotence and omniscience, you can’t blame him, right?

The latest (and perhaps greatest) Marvel movie —Avengers: Infinity War— opens on April 27th and so far words like “epic,” “exciting,” “jolting,” and “mind-blowing” are being bandied about. One thing for sure, Thanos seems to have stolen the show along with all those oh-so-pretty gems.

Infinity stones

(Image via Marvel Wiki)

When those six infinity stones — The Space Stone (blue), the Mind Stone (yellow), the Reality Stone (red), the Power Stone (purple), the Time Stone (green), and the Soul Stone (we believe it to be orange) —  are united in something like Thanos’ bold gauntlet (a hefty gold glove), the power of the universe is at the wearer’s finger tips… literally.

In honor of the Infinity War bling, we’ve found six rings that hold their own special razzle dazzle. Warning, these gems ain’t cheap. They’re the type of “investment” pieces you keep in your safe (the one behind that painting in the study) when they’re not on your fingers. And sure, you can’t control the universe (or even Benedict Cumberbatch) with them, they sure are pretty to look at.

The Space Stone
This piece is seriously out of this world. The Oversize Oval Lapis Yellow Gold Ring in Naturalistic Branch Setting is from the 1950s (but yet looks so futuristic).

Price: $3850 from 1stdibs


The Mind Stone
Feast your eyes this Abstract Citrine Crystal Freeform Vintage Ring, that totally has a Mind Stone vibe.

Price: $1900 from Raritetantique.com

The Reality Stone
This Jade Jagger NeverEnding Ruby Enamel Ring features a hand carved ruby set in 18k yellow gold band with white enamel detailing. It’s designed by Jade Jagger, so there are bonus coolness points with this one.

Price: $4492.42 from 1stdibs


The Power Stone
This is a far more subtle and delicate Infinity Stone option. This Purple pink sapphire trillion solitaire is housed in a  yellow gold ring.

Price: $1095 from Etsy

The Time Stone
Athena Emerald Ring
Jeweler Lauren Wolf created this rustic style 18k yellow gold ring with a vibrant emerald slice. It’s certainly a “timely” piece.

Price: $4000 from Lauren Wolf

Soul Stone
The soul stone — the last Infinity Stone to surface — is our priciest option. This custom cut citrine and diamond one-of-a-kind handmade 18K yellow gold ring is super hero worthy for sure.

Price: $7100 from Etsy

Which ring would you want to sport the most?

Top photo via Marvel

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