PIrates of the Caribbean Redd

Meet Redd – the New Pirates of the Caribbean Star – at Disneyland

There’s been much hoopla about the changes happening to the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in Disneyland parks across the globe. The issue at hand is the retirement of the bride auction. Purists — especially those that bemoan any and all changes made at the ‘happiest place on earth’ — were gobsmacked by the announcement. Instead of the controversial sale of women, a misogynistic leftover from the swinging ’60s, the iconic looker — Redd — will now be pirate. And Redd won’t just be a powerful force on the attraction itself but will also be available for meet and greets at Disneyland.

Redhead Disneyland

(Photo via Disney Parks Blog)

This summer Redd will be strolling through New Orleans Square for photos and chit chat. And we at Treasure Hunters Club can’t wait. We obviously have a thing for pirates, some of the most notorious and colorful treasure hunters out there (although estate state regulars come in a close second). We’re also fascinated by the lore of female pirates of yore such as Anne Bonny, Mary Read, and Ching Shih so Redd’s a welcome addition to the collection of Disney pirates. As for her new incarnation on the Pirates of Caribbean ride itself, we witnessed the the Redd as pirate version in Disneyland Paris (it debuted recently in Walt Disney World) and it’s a seamless transition and makes for way less awkward conversations about human trafficking with the kids. You can see her close up — and in action — via our pal the The Suburban Mom.

As for Redd, the Disneyland blog asked her about treasure:

What is treasure to you?
Coin o’course! I accept it all—Spanish doubloons, English farthings, French livre, Dutch lion dollars and Portuguese moidore.

Are you anyone’s bride?
M’ only love is profits, dear.

Yup, she’s a girl after our own heart. You can read her entire interview right here.

Photos via Disney Parks

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