11 Totally Crazy Judith Leiber Handbags You’ve Gotta See to Believe

Years ago, I was browsing through a little second hand boutique looking for treasure (because of course I was). Hanging alongside a slew of drab brown faux leather totes, nylon carryalls, and the occasional designer knockoff of questionable lineage I found a my first (and only) Judith Leiber handbag.

The petite bag was covered in a delicate snake skin and had shoulder straps of soft gold and silver metal. Lucky for me, I got it for a steal. I think it may have been around $10 or $12, that’s pretty much the cost of ONE stone on the outrageous clutches she’s known for.

I recently pulled my treasured snakeskin bag out of the closet to admire the craftsmanship and timeless style and I did so to honor her memory of Judith Leiber who is no longer with us. The grand dame of whimsical purses passed away in late April of this year at the age of 97, just hours after her husband of 72 years died. The Hungarian born designer leaves behind a legacy of stunning crystal minaudières inspired by food, nature, and knick knacks, handbags that were loved (and carried) by celebrities and socialites all around the globe (Björk, Hilary Clinton, Jennifer Lopez and Blake Lively to name a few). “I like to do things that look crazy yet are practical,” the designer told Vogue. “My mania is to do a bag that looks as good empty as it does stuffed.” To get a taste of the unique wearable art she created, check out these 11 masterpieces, all of them available for a price (and a steep one at that).

(purse above – the Crystal Strawberry Twist Ice Cream Cone Clutch Bag – $4,995 Available at Neiman Marcus)


Judith Leiber Lipstick ClutchSeductress Crystal Lipstick Clutch Bag – $5,495
Available at Neiman Marcus

Judith Leiber Hot Air Balloon Bag

Rozier Crystal Hot Air Balloon Minaudiere – $4,995
Available at Neiman Marcus

Robot Russian Doll Clutch Bag – $4,995
Available at Neiman Marcus


judith Leiber camera bag

Camera Bag – $5499
Available from eBay

Cocktail Judith Leiber

Cocktail Pink Lady Crystal Clutch Bag – $5,795
Available from Neiman Marcus

Judith Leiber Popsickle

Popsicle Sprinkles Hard Clutch Bag – $4,195
Available from Bergdorf Goodman

Judith Leiber bag

Ganesh Multicolor Austrian Crystals Clutch – $5,075
Available from Tradesy

Judith Leiber Skull

Skull Bela Lugosi Crystal Evening Clutch Bag – $5,495
Available from Neiman Marcus


Judith Leiber Beehive

Beehive Clutch – $5,295
Available at Net-a-Porter


Fresh Hot French Fries Crystal Minaudiere Clutch Bag – $5,695
Available from Bergdorf Goodman


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